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Brief Mindfulness Practices for Healthcare Providers – A Systematic Literature Review

Auteur     Heather Gilmartin
Auteur     Anupama Goyal
Auteur     Mary C. Hamati
Auteur     Jason Mann
Auteur     Sanjay Saint
Auteur     Vineet Chopra
Volume     130
Numéro     10
Pages     1219.e1-1219.e17
Publication     The American Journal of Medicine
ISSN     1555-7162
Date     Oct 2017
Résumé     Mindfulness practice, where an individual maintains openness, patience, and acceptance while focusing attention on a situation in a nonjudgmental way, can improve symptoms of anxiety, burnout, and depression. The practice is relevant for health care providers; however, the time commitment is a barrier to practice. For this reason, brief mindfulness interventions (eg, ≤ 4 hours) are being introduced. We systematically reviewed the literature from inception to January 2017 about the effects of brief mindfulness interventions on provider well-being and behavior. Studies that tested a brief mindfulness intervention with hospital providers and measured change in well-being (eg, stress) or behavior (eg, tasks of attention or reduction of clinical or diagnostic errors) were selected for narrative synthesis. Fourteen studies met inclusion criteria; 7 were randomized controlled trials. Nine of 14 studies reported positive changes in levels of stress, anxiety, mindfulness, resiliency, and burnout symptoms. No studies found an effect on provider behavior. Brief mindfulness interventions may be effective in improving provider well-being; however, larger studies are needed to assess an impact on clinical care.

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