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Pertussis and influenza immunisation during pregnancy: a landscape review

Auteur     Bahaa Abu Raya
Auteur     Kathryn M. Edwards
Auteur     David W. Scheifele
Auteur     Scott A. Halperin
Volume     17
Numéro     7
Pages     e209-e222
Publication     The Lancet. Infectious Diseases
ISSN     1474-4457
Date     Jul 2017
Résumé     Immunisation during pregnancy is a relatively new strategy, and is currently limited to tetanus, pertussis, and influenza vaccines. None of these vaccines were developed specifically for use in pregnancy, but they provide an effective method of protecting mothers and young infants. In response to increases in pertussis morbidity and mortality among young infants, several countries have recommended universal tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis immunisation during pregnancy. Similarly, many countries recommend influenza immunisation during pregnancy to reduce the risk of disease for mother and infant. Although scientific evidence to support maternal immunisation against pertussis and influenza is rapidly accumulating, important knowledge gaps remain that need to be addressed by future research, which we have highlighted in this Series paper.

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