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Médecine du travail du personnel hospitalier

Occupational Respiratory Allergic Diseases in Healthcare Workers

Auteur     Jacek M. Mazurek
Auteur     David N. Weissman
Volume     16
Numéro     11
Pages     77
Publication     Current Allergy and Asthma Reports
ISSN     1534-6315
Date     Nov 2016
Résumé     Healthcare workers (HCWs) are exposed to a range of high and low molecular weight agents that are allergic sensitizers or irritants including cleaners and disinfectants, natural rubber latex, and various medications. Studies have shown that exposed HCWs are at risk for work-related rhinitis and asthma (WRA). Work-related rhinitis may precede development of WRA and should be considered as an early marker of WRA. Avoidance of causative exposures through control strategies such as elimination, substitution, engineering controls, and process modification is the preferred primary prevention strategy for preventing development of work-related allergic diseases. There is limited evidence for the effectiveness of respirators in preventing occupational asthma. If sensitizer-induced WRA is diagnosed, it is important to avoid further exposure to the causative agent, preferably by more rigorous application of exposure control strategies to the workplace. This review focuses on allergic occupational respiratory diseases in HCWs.

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