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Identifying occupational and nonoccupational exposure to mercury in dental personnel

Auteur     Hamid Shirkhanloo
Auteur     Mohammad Ali Fallah Mehrjerdi
Auteur     Hamid Hassani
Volume     72
Numéro     2
Pages     63-69
Publication     Archives of Environmental & Occupational Health
ISSN     1933-8244
Date     Mar 04, 2017
Résumé     The objective of this study was to investigate the occupational and nonoccupational exposure to mercury (Hg) vapor in dental personnel by examining the relationships between blood mercury, urine mercury, and their ratio with air mercury. The method was performed on 50 occupational exposed and 50 unexposed controls (25 men and 25 women). The mercury concentrations in air and human biological samples were determined based on the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) method and standard method (SM) by a new mode of liquid-phase microextraction, respectively. The mean mercury concentrations in urine (μg Hg(0)/g creatinine) and blood were significantly higher than control group, respectively (19.41 ± 5.18 vs 2.15 ± 0.07 μg/g and 16.40 ± 4.97 vs 2.50 ± 0.02 μg/L) (p <.001). The relationships between mercury concentration in blood/urine ratio (r = .380) with dental office air are new indicators for assessing occupational exposure in dental personnel.

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