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Anaphylaxis in laboratory workers because of rodent handling: two case reports

Auteur     Thatchai Kampitak
Auteur     Stephen D. Betschel
Volume     58
Numéro     4
Pages     381-383
Publication     Journal of Occupational Health
ISSN     1348-9585
Date     Jul 22, 2016
Résumé     INTRODUCTION: Occupational allergy to rodents among laboratory animal workers is common. Most patients generally experience allergic symptoms after the first few years of work. Associated symptoms are usually mild, such as rhinoconjunctivits, urticaria, and asthma. Anaphylaxis, although rare, could be severe and life threatening. METHODS: We have described in this study two cases of laboratory workers that developed skin and respiratory reactions following laboratory rat and mouse bites, consistent with anaphylaxis. RESULTS: Skin testing was found positive for rat epithelium in the patient with anaphylaxis due to rat bite. Elevated levels of specific IgE antibodies against rat and mouse epitheliums were also detected in both the patients. CONCLUSION: These cases illustrate a severe hypersensitivity reaction that could potentially occur in occupational workers that are in close contact with rodents. Reduction of allergen exposure, regular screening, and job modification could be beneficial for affected individuals. Health care workers should be made aware that anaphylaxis could be a serious consequence of laboratory animal bites, particularly in those already sensitized.

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