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Presenteeism in the New Zealand senior medical workforce-a mixed-methods analysis

Auteur     Charlotte Chambers
Auteur     Chris Frampton
Auteur     Murray Barclay
Volume     130
Numéro     1449
Pages     10-21
Publication     The New Zealand Medical Journal
ISSN     1175-8716
Date     Jan 27, 2017
Résumé     AIM: To estimate rates of presenteeism in the New Zealand senior medical workforce and identify reasons why this workforce feels pressured to work through illness. METHODS: A cross-sectional survey was returned by 1,806/3,740 publically employed senior doctors and dentists (48%). Relationships between rates of presenteeism, sick leave and demographic factors were explored alongside views on cultural and professional norms. RESULTS: Presenteeism was reported by 88% of respondents. Women and younger doctors had highest rates of presenteeism. Reasons for presenteeism included difficulties accessing short-term sickness cover and concern for the impact of sick leave on patients as well as sociocultural norms. CONCLUSIONS: Presenteeism is a widespread behavioural norm in this medical workforce. Choosing whether to work through illness reflects the high value placed on duty of care, but also tensions around defining responsible behaviour in this regard.

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