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Médecine du travail du personnel hospitalier

Ebola Care and Lack of Consensus on Personal Protective Respiratory Equipment

Auteur       R. O. Hanoa
Auteur       B. E. Moen
Volume       64
Numéro       2
Pages       48-50
Publication       Workplace Health & Safety
ISSN       2165-0969
Date       Feb 2016
Résumé       The Ebola epidemic in West Africa presents a considerable occupational risk to the health personnel involved. The principal mode of virus transmission to health care personnel is through direct contact with the patient, although transmission by aerosols through the air may also occur. Many safety protocols have been suggested relating to personal protection and particularly respiratory protection. It is generally agreed that all health care workers should have easy access to personal protective equipment. However, the degree of respiratory safety escalates from a mask, to an adequate respirator, and finally to a whole body suit with integrated helmet and positive air pressure. Recent publications demonstrate a lack of consensus on the degree of safety necessary. The step from « safe enough » to being « absolutely safe » seems, in most countries, insurmountable because of costs and logistics.

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