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Reliability of self-reported questionnaire on occupational radiation practices among diagnostic radiologic technologists

Auteur        Moon Jung Kim
Auteur        Eun Shil Cha
Auteur        Yousun Ko
Auteur        Byung Chul Chun
Auteur        Won Jin Lee
Publication        American Journal of Industrial Medicine
ISSN        1097-0274
Date        Mar 06, 2017
Résumé        BACKGROUND: We aimed to assess the reliability of a self-reported questionnaire on occupational radiation practices among radiologic technologists. METHODS: We enrolled 941 participants who had repeatedly completed the questionnaire from the 2012-2013 radiologic technologists’ health study in South Korea. We used percentage agreement, kappa statistics, and intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) to assess the reliability of responses on work practices. RESULTS: Overall agreement for ever-never diagnostic radiation procedures was high (87.5-97.5%), and κ values indicated substantial agreement (0.66-0.86) in all procedures except cephalometric and intraoral radiography. For the information of year of work start and working duration, high agreement was obtained (ICC: 0.99 and 0.98, respectively). However, use of a worn dosimeter and of personal protective equipment showed only moderate to substantial agreement. CONCLUSIONS: Self-reported information on working practices regarding radiation exposure in radiologic technologists was reliable enough for epidemiologic studies. Am. J. Ind. Med. © 2017 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

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