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A Review of Patient Lifting Interventions to Reduce Health Care Worker Injuries

Auteur       Imran Aslam
Auteur       Scott A. Davis
Auteur       Steven R. Feldman
Auteur       Willis E. Martin
Volume       63
Numéro       6
Pages       267-275; quiz 276
Publication       Workplace Health & Safety
ISSN       2165-0969
Date       Jun 2015
Résumé       Health care workers suffer from musculoskeletal disorders at a significantly higher rate than workers in other industries. Consequently, a growing demand for patient handling devices to reduce worker injury has evolved. This article reviews the literature regarding interventions designed to reduce injuries among health care workers. A PubMed search was conducted using the terms « occupational health [Mesh Terms] patient lifting. » Fourteen articles were identified that assessed interventions to improve worker safety. Of the 14 articles, 7 discussed technological interventions, 4 educational approaches, and 3 policy change. All three types of interventions were generally effective at improving worker safety, with the ideal intervention consisting of elements of all three types. Although adopting a new intervention may be expensive, the reduction in workers’ compensation costs associated with injured nurses can easily outweigh the costs of interventions.

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