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Contact Allergy in Danish Healthcare Workers: A Retrospective Matched Case-control Study

Auteur       Jakob F. Schwensen
Auteur       Torkil Menné
Auteur       Mette Sommerlund
Auteur       Klaus E. Andersen
Auteur       Charlotte G. Mortz
Auteur       Claus Zachariae
Auteur       Jeanne D. Johansen
Volume       96
Numéro       2
Pages       237-240
Publication       Acta Dermato-Venereologica
ISSN       1651-2057
Date       Feb 2016
Résumé       Contact dermatitis in healthcare workers is a world wide problem. We conducted a retrospective observational study of the patch-test results of 1402 healthcare workers and 1402 matched controls with contact dermatitis who were treated at 3 hospitals departments in Denmark between 2007 and 2014. The primary objective was to determine whether healthcare work was associated with contact allergy to thiuram mix. Unadjusted univariate analyses revealed that healthcare work was significantly associated with occupational contact dermatitis and hand dermatitis. Contact allergy to thiuram mix was more common in healthcare workers was significantly associated with having occupational contact dermatitis, hand dermatitis and older age. In conclusion, we report here a potential problem of contact allergy to thiurams in healthcare workers with contact dermatitis. Legislative authorities may in the future focus on the use of rubber accelerators in, for example, protective gloves, which are widely used by healthcare professionals.

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