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The opinions of occupational physicians about maintaining healthy workers by means of medical examinations in Japan using the Delphi method

Auteur       Seiichiro Tateishi
Auteur       Mariko Watase
Auteur       Yoshihisa Fujino
Auteur       Koji Mori
Volume       58
Numéro       1
Pages       72-80
Publication       Journal of Occupational Health
ISSN       1348-9585
Date       2016
Résumé       OBJECTIVES: In Japan, employee fitness for work is determined by annual medical examinations. It may be possible to reduce the variability in the results of work fitness determination, particularly for situation, if there is consensus among experts regarding consideration of limitation of work by means of a single parameter. METHODS: Consensus building was attempted among 104 occupational physicians by employing a 3-round Delphi method. Among the medical examination parameters for which at least 50% of participants agreed in the 3rd round of the survey that the parameter would independently merit consideration for limitation of work, the values of the parameters proposed as criterion values that trigger consideration of limitation of work were sought. Parameters, along with their most frequently proposed criterion values, were defined in the study group meeting as parameters for which consensus was reached. RESULTS: Consensus was obtained for 8 parameters: systolic blood pressure 180 mmHg (86.6%), diastolic blood pressure 110 mmHg (85.9%), postprandial plasma glucose 300 mg/dl (76.9%), fasting plasma glucose 200 mg/dl (69.1%), Cre 2.0mg/dl (67.2%), HbA1c (JDS) 10% (62.3%), ALT 200 U/l (61.6%), and Hb 8 g/l (58.5%). CONCLUSIONS: To support physicians who give advice to employers about work-related measures based on the results of general medical examinations of employees, expert consensus information was obtained that can serve as background material for making judgements. It is expected that the use of this information will facilitate the ability to take appropriate measures after medical examination of employees.

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