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Intention to leave the workplace among nurses working with cancer patients in acute care hospitals in Sweden

Auteur       Magdalena Lagerlund
Auteur       Lena Sharp
Auteur       Rikard Lindqvist
Auteur       Sara Runesdotter
Auteur       Carol Tishelman
Volume       19
Numéro       6
Pages       629-637
Publication       European Journal of Oncology Nursing: The Official Journal of European Oncology Nursing Society
ISSN       1532-2122
Date       Dec 2015
Résumé       PURPOSE: To examine associations between perceived leadership and intention to leave the workplace due to job dissatisfaction among registered nurses (RNs) who care for patients with cancer. We also examine intention to leave in relation to proportion of cancer patients, length of time in practice, perceived adequacy of cancer care education, and burnout. METHODS AND SAMPLE: The data originated from the Swedish component of RN4CAST, based on a survey of RNs working with in-patient care in all acute care hospitals in Sweden. The 7412 RNs reporting ≥10% patients with cancer on their unit were included in this analysis. Data were collected on perceptions of work environment, burnout, future employment intentions, and demographic characteristics. Additional questions related to cancer care. KEY RESULTS: About 1/3 of all RNs intended to leave their workplace within the next year. Intention to leave was more prevalent among RNs reporting less favourable perceptions of leadership, who had worked ≤ two years as RN, who reported having inadequate cancer care education, and with higher burnout scores. Associations between leadership and intention to leave were stronger among RNs in the profession > two years, who reported having adequate cancer care education, and with lower burnout scores. CONCLUSIONS: Perception of leadership is strongly associated with intention to leave among RNs in both specialized and general cancer care. This suggests a crucial area for improvement in order to reduce turnover rates.

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