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Sickness Presenteeism Among Health Care Workers and the Effect of BMI, Cardiorespiratory Fitness, and Muscle Strength

Auteur        Jeanette Reffstrup Christensen
Auteur        Malte Bue Kongstad
Auteur        Gisela Sjøgaard
Auteur        Karen Søgaard
Volume        57
Numéro        12
Pages        e146-152
Publication        Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
ISSN        1536-5948
Date        Dec 2015
Résumé        OBJECTIVES: The primary objective of this study was to assess the relationship between sickness presenteeism and body mass index (BMI), cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF), and maximal voluntary contraction (MVC). METHODS: Female health care workers (n = 139) were analyzed cross-sectional as well as longitudinal after 3 and 12-month follow-up. Sickness presenteeism was assessed as a summed score using validated questions from three questionnaires: Health and Work Performance Questionnaire, Work Ability Index, and Quantity and Quality Method. CRF was assessed by a maximal cycling test and MVC from four muscle groups. RESULTS: Significant relationships were found between sickness presenteeism and BMI as well as MVC both cross-sectional and as changes over 3 months. Participants with BMI more than 30  kg/m had significantly higher sickness presenteeism than those with BMI less than 25  kg/m. CONCLUSIONS: This study suggests that actions that decrease BMI and increase MVC decrease the amount of sickness presenteeism.

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