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Quality of work life, burnout, and stress in emergency department physicians: a qualitative review

Auteur       Isabelle Bragard
Auteur       Gilles Dupuis
Auteur       Richard Fleet
Volume       22
Numéro       4
Pages       227-234
Publication       European Journal of Emergency Medicine: Official Journal of the European Society for Emergency Medicine
ISSN       1473-5695
Date        Aug 2015
Résumé       A 2006 literature review reported that emergency department (ED) physicians showed elevated burnout levels and highlighted several environment and personal issues contributing toward burnout. Research on burnout in EDs is limited. We propose an updated qualitative review on the relationships between work stress, burnout, and quality of work life in ED physicians. We searched MEDLINE, PsycInfo, and Science Direct for studies published since 2005. Of 491 papers, 10 papers were retained, using validated measures and having a minimum of 75 participants. Data extraction was performed manually by the first author and was reviewed by the second author. The majority of the studies used large samples, cross-sectional designs, random, and/or stratified assignment. ED physicians showed moderate to high levels of burnout with difficult work conditions including significant psychological demands, lack of resources, and poor support. Nonetheless, physicians reported high job satisfaction. Further studies should focus on the implementation of measures designed to prevent burnout.

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