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Reduction of occupational radiation dose in staff at the cardiac catheterisation laboratory by protective material placed on the patient

Auteur       J. M. Ordiales
Auteur       J. M. Nogales
Auteur       R. Sánchez-Casanueva
Auteur       E. Vano
Auteur       J. M. Fernández
Auteur       F. J. Álvarez
Auteur       J. Ramos
Auteur       G. Martínez
Auteur       J. R. López-Mínguez
Volume       165
Numéro       1-4
Pages       272-275
Publication       Radiation Protection Dosimetry
ISSN       1742-3406
Date       Jul 2015
Résumé       Reducing occupational radiation dose in cardiac catheterisation laboratories is one of the objectives of the radiation protection system because the procedures performed involve high levels of radiation compared with others in health care. Recommendations on protection methods used are referred to different structural types and personal protection tools. In this work, the effectiveness of a shielding drape above the patient in different geometric shapes for a standard procedure in interventional cardiology was evaluated. Values of personal dose equivalent Hp(10) obtained simultaneously with three active electronic semiconductor dosemeters located at the usual position of staff and at the C-arm have been used to show the usefulness of the shielding drape.

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