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Management of nosocomial scabies, an outbreak of occupational disease

Auteur      Frank H. W. Jungbauer
Auteur      Yanka K. Veenstra-Kyuchukova
Auteur      Jacqueline Koeze
Auteur      Martijn R. KruijtSpanjer
Auteur      Sylvia H. Kardaun
Volume      58
Numéro      5
Pages      577-582
Publication      American Journal of Industrial Medicine
ISSN      1097-0274
Date      May 2015
Résumé      BACKGROUND: The optimal approach to managing institutional scabies outbreaks has yet to be defined. We report on outbreak managements are needed. METHODS: We report on a large outbreak of scabies in three acute care wards in a tertiary university teaching hospital in the Netherlands. RESULTS: The outbreak potentially effected 460 patients and 185 health care workers who had been exposed to the index patient. CONCLUSION: Containment of an outbreak relies on a quick and strict implementation of appropriate infection control measures and should include simultaneous treatment of all infested persons and exposed contacts to prevent secondary spread and prolonged post-intervention surveillance.

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