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What factors promote resilience and protect against burnout in first-year pediatric and medicine-pediatric residents?

Auteur       Kayloni Olson
Auteur       Kathi J. Kemper
Auteur       John D. Mahan
Volume       20
Numéro       3
Pages       192-198
Publication       Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine
ISSN       2156-5899
Date       Jul 2015
Résumé       Burnout has high costs for pediatricians and their patients. There is increasing interest in educational interventions to promote resilience and minimize burnout among pediatric trainees. This study tested a conceptual model of factors that might promote resilience and protect against burnout, and which could serve as targets for addressing burnout in pediatric residents. Questionnaires were administered in a cross-sectional survey of (n = 45) first-year pediatric and medicine-pediatric residents. A minority (40%) of residents met one or more criteria for burnout. Physician empathy and emotional intelligence were not significantly correlated with burnout or resilience. Self-compassion and mindfulness were positively associated with resilience and inversely associated with burnout. Thus many residents in this sample endorsed burnout; mindfulness and self-compassion were associated with resilience and may promote resilience and protect against burnout in these trainees. Future studies should explore the impact of training in mindfulness and self-compassion in pediatric trainees.

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