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Meningococcal vaccines: Current state and future outlook

Auteur       M. Leca
Auteur       C. Bornet
Auteur       M. Montana
Auteur       C. Curti
Auteur       P. Vanelle
Volume       63
Numéro       3
Pages       144-151
Publication       Pathologie-Biologie
ISSN       1768-3114
Date       Jun 2015
Résumé       Neisseria meningitidis infections are a major public health problem worldwide. Although conventional approaches have not led to development of a serogroup B meningococcal vaccine, a new technique based on genome sequencing has created new perspectives. Recently, a universal serogroup B meningococcal vaccine, Bexsero(®), was licensed in Europe, Australia and United States, following several clinical studies demonstrating its immunogenicity and safety. Availability of this vaccine could contribute positively to human health, by significantly reducing the incidence of meningococcal infections. However, unfavorable cost-effectiveness analysis means that routine vaccination is not currently recommended. Another serogroup meningococcal vaccine, Trumemba(®), was also recently licensed in United States. Like any drug, Bexsero(®) and Trumemba(®) will require close observation to assess their impact on meningococcal epidemiology.

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