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Médecine du travail du personnel hospitalier

Current and future healthcare needs of future hospital physicians

Auteur     M. M. Ruitenburg
Auteur     M. H. W. Frings-Dresen
Auteur     J. K. Sluiter
Publication     Occupational Medicine (Oxford, England)
ISSN     1471-8405
Date     Sep 23, 2015
Résumé     BACKGROUND: Work-related health problems can impair the work ability of hospital physicians and pose a threat to patient safety. Understanding the health status and care needs of young hospital physicians is therefore essential to providing job-specific health services and ensuring good future quality of care. AIMS: To investigate the current health status of future hospital physicians and their current and future care needs and to explore their preferences regarding occupational health services. METHODS: We gathered data concerning worries about current health, current and future care needs and preferred ways of receiving feedback and interventions when using occupational health services from the 2013 wave of a cohort study of Dutch medical students (original population: n = 4961). We also calculated the relationship between current health status and future care needs. RESULTS: We obtained data from 647 future physicians. Irrespective of their stage of training, most (73%) had few worries about their current health. However, two-fifths felt in need of care for psychological (42%) or physical (40%) complaints. More than half (52%) anticipated future care needs by indicating they would consider using occupational health services when offered in the future. General health status was not significantly related to feeling in need of future care. Preferences regarding feedback on health results were to receive this by email (54%) or from an occupational physician (51%) and in their own teaching hospital (68%). CONCLUSIONS: Future hospital physicians expressed a need for current and future occupational healthcare, irrespective of current worries about health.

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