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Cleaning and disinfecting environmental surfaces in health care: Toward an integrated framework for infection and occupational illness prevention

Auteur     Margaret M. Quinn
Auteur     Paul K. Henneberger
Auteur     Barbara Braun
Auteur     George L. Delclos
Auteur     Kathleen Fagan
Auteur     Vanthida Huang
Auteur     Jennifer L. S. Knaack
Auteur     Linda Kusek
Auteur     Soo-Jeong Lee
Auteur     Nicole Le Moual
Auteur     Kathryn A. E. Maher
Auteur     Susan H. McCrone
Auteur     Amber Hogan Mitchell
Auteur     Elise Pechter
Auteur     Kenneth Rosenman
Auteur     Lynne Sehulster
Auteur     Alicia C. Stephens
Auteur     Susan Wilburn
Auteur     Jan-Paul Zock
Résumé     Background The Cleaning and Disinfecting in Healthcare Working Group of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, National Occupational Research Agenda, is a collaboration of infection prevention and occupational health researchers and practitioners with the objective of providing a more integrated approach to effective environmental surface cleaning and disinfection (C&D) while protecting the respiratory health of health care personnel. Methods The Working Group, comprised of >40 members from 4 countries, reviewed current knowledge and identified knowledge gaps and future needs for research and practice. Results An integrated framework was developed to guide more comprehensive efforts to minimize harmful C&D exposures without reducing the effectiveness of infection prevention. Gaps in basic knowledge and practice that are barriers to an integrated approach were grouped in 2 broad areas related to the need for improved understanding of the (1) effectiveness of environmental surface C&D to reduce the incidence of infectious diseases and colonization in health care workers and patients and (2) adverse health impacts of C&D on health care workers and patients. Specific needs identified within each area relate to basic knowledge, improved selection and use of products and practices, effective hazard communication and training, and safer alternatives. Conclusion A more integrated approach can support multidisciplinary teams with the capacity to maximize effective and safe C&D in health care.

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