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A major cause of pertussis resurgence: gaps in vaccination coverage

Auteur     Jason M. Blaylock
Auteur     Joshua D. Hartzell
Volume     59
Numéro     4
Pages     611-612

To the Editor—We read with great interest Plotkin’s excellent article, “The Pertussis Problem,” and we agree wholeheartedly that there is an obvious need for improvements in the acellular pertussis vaccine if we are to ultimately prevent what was once believed to be a completely preventable disease. However, we believe his article misses on the second half of the story, which is the dismally low use of available vaccines. A significant vaccination gap exists, and new vaccinations alone will not solve the challenges of pertussis unless adequate vaccination coverage is ensured.
Vaccine coverage in both developed and developing countries remains remarkably low, and there have been multiple updates in the past several years that …

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