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Using double gloves in surgical procedures: a literature review

Auteur     Mohammed Abdullah Al Maqbali
Volume     23
Numéro     21
Pages     1116-1122
Publication     British Journal of Nursing (Mark Allen Publishing)
ISSN     0966-0461
Date     2014 Nov 27-Dec 10
Résumé     This article will present a critical review of the literature relating to the use of double gloves during surgery in order to identify best practice by using available resources and to improve health care. During surgery there is an increased risk of exposure to blood and, as a result, pathogens can be transferred through contact between the patient and surgical team. Health professionals working in the operating room are prone to frequent exposure to patients’ blood and body fluids (Davanzo et al, 2008 ; Au et al, 2008 ; Myers et al, 2008). Several researchers have also demonstrated that the highest incidence of blood and body fluid exposure is in the operating room during surgical procedures (Ganczak et al, 2006 ; Myers et al, 2008 ; Naghavi and Sanati, 2009).

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