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Management of accidental exposure to HIV: the COREVIH 2011 activity report

Auteur     E. Rouveix
Auteur     E. Bouvet
Auteur     F. Vernat
Auteur     M. Chansombat
Auteur     G. Hamet
Auteur     G. Pellissier
Volume     44
Numéro     3
Pages     112-116
Publication     Médecine Et Maladies Infectieuses
ISSN     1769-6690
Date     Mar 2014
Résumé     BACKGROUND: Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) relies on procedures allowing quick access to treatment in case of accidental exposure to viral risk (AEV). Occupational blood exposure (OBE) affects mainly caregivers; these accidents are monitored and assessed by the inter-regional center for nosocomial infections (C-CLIN), occupational physicians, and infection control units. They are classified apart from sexual exposure for which there is currently no monitoring. METHODS: Data was extracted from the COREVIH (steering committee for the prevention of HIV infection) 2011 activity reports (AR), available online. Data collection was performed using a standardized grid. RESULTS: Twenty-four out of 28 AR were available online. Nine thousand nine hundred and twenty AEV were reported, 44% of OBE, and 56% of sexual and other exposures. PEP was prescribed in 8% of OBE and in 77% of sexual exposures. The type of PEP was documented in 52% of the cases. Follow-up was poorly documented. CONCLUSION: AR provide an incomplete and heterogeneous review of exposure management without any standardized data collection. The difficulties encountered in data collection and monitoring are due to differences in care centers (complex patient circuits, multiple actors) and lack of common dedicated software. Sexual exposures account for 50% of AEV and most are treated; but they are incompletely reported and consequently not analyzed at the regional or national level. A typical AR collection grid is being studied in 2 COREVIH, with the objective to improve collection and obtain useful national data.

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