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Estimation of secondary measles transmission from a healthcare worker in a hospital setting

Auteur     Katsushi Tajima
Auteur     Hidekazu Nishimura
Auteur     Seiji Hongo
Auteur     Masaharu Hazawa
Auteur     A. I. Saotome-Nakamura
Auteur     Kenichi Tomiyama
Auteur     Chizuka Obara
Auteur     Takeo Kato
Volume     24
Pages     11-13
Publication     International journal of infectious diseases: IJID: official publication of the International Society for Infectious Diseases
Date     Jul 2014
Résumé     Measles among healthcare workers (HCWs) is associated with a significant risk of nosocomial transmission to susceptible patients. When a measles case occurs in the healthcare setting, most guidelines recommend exhaustive measures. To evaluate the effects of measures against measles transmission in the healthcare setting precisely, it is essential to determine whether secondary transmission generally occurs. This study describes, for the first time, the actual secondary transmission rate for a measles-infected HCW in a ward with no special air ventilation capacity. The routine treatment of a number of immunocompromised patients occurs in this ward, and thus patients as well as HCWs have a thorough understanding and practice of standard and extended precautions. Our paired serum sample study revealed that none of the people in the ward exposed to the HCW at the catarrhal stage over a period of 4 days exhibited elevated levels of antibodies against measles. We suggest that strict adherence to standard and expanded precautions among patients and HCWs may be effective for preventing the transmission of a highly airborne disease, such as measles.

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