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Barriers to Effective Implementation of Programs for the Prevention of Workplace Violence in Hospitals

Auteur     James Blando
Auteur     Marilyn Ridenour
Auteur     Daniel Hartley
Auteur     Carri Casteel
Volume     20
Numéro     1
Publication     OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing
Date     December 4, 2014
Résumé     Effective workplace violence (WPV) prevention programs are essential, yet challenging to implement in healthcare. The aim of this study was to identify major barriers to implementation of effective violence prevention programs. After reviewing the related literature, the authors describe their research methods and analysis and report the following seven themes as major barriers to effective implementation of workplace violence programs: a lack of action despite reporting; varying perceptions of violence; bullying; profit-driven management models; lack of management accountability; a focus on customer service; and weak social service and law enforcement approaches to mentally ill patients. The authors discuss their findings in light of previous studies and experiences and offer suggestions for decreasing WPV in healthcare settings. They conclude that although many of these challenges to effective implementation of workplace violence programs are both within the program itself and relate to broader industry and societal issues, creative innovations can address these issues and improve WPV prevention programs.

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