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Working time and workload of nurses: The experience of a burn center in a high income country

Auteur     François Ravat
Auteur     Lucille Percier
Auteur     Rose Akkal
Auteur     William Morris
Auteur     Mathieu Fontaine
Auteur     Jacqueline Payre
Auteur     Jean-Charles Poupelin
Publication     Burns: journal of the International Society for Burn Injuries
Date     Mar 28, 2014
Résumé     We conducted a one-month study of the working time and workload of nurses in a 15 beds burn center (including 8 intensive care beds). Nurses’ tasks were categorized according to their nature (medical care, local treatments, post anesthetic monitoring, administrative time related to health care, administrative time unrelated to health care, cleaning, rest). The time taken to complete a given task was measured for each task. The time devoted to walk and unavailable for patients care was also measured. Our study revealed that work distribution was far from optimal since administrative tasks occupy more than 30% of workload. This represents inefficiency and the literature shows that when time is saved from administrative work it is reinvested in health care. One third of the administrative tasks are unrelated to care and thus could be performed by non-specialized clerks. The other two third of the administrative workload are closely linked to care. An answer to reduce administrative time lost to care activities is the implementation of dedicated ICU software which carries several other advantages such as reducing the use of paper, improving the safety of prescriptions, automating repetitive and unrewarding tasks and saving physician time. This expensive solution can be quickly repaid through costs containment due to the time saved. A significant part of the working time is spent walking but reducing the ambulatory time may be considered only through structural improvements.

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