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Assessing the interplay between the shoulders and low back during manual patient handling techniques in a nursing setting

Auteur     Alicia Belbeck
Auteur     Alan C Cudlip
Auteur     Clark R Dickerson
Volume     20
Numéro     1
Pages     127-137
Publication     International journal of occupational safety and ergonomics: JOSE
Date     2014
Résumé     The purpose of this research was to quantify shoulder demands during freestyle manual patient handling (MPH) tasks and determine whether approaches intended to prevent low back injury increased shoulder demands. Twenty females completed 5 MPH tasks found commonly in hospital settings before and after a training session using current workplace MPH guidelines. Most normalized muscle activity indices and ratings of perceived exertion decreased following training at both the low back and shoulders, but were more pronounced at the low back. There was little evidence to suggest that mechanical demands were transferred from the low back to the shoulders following the training session. The study generally supports continued use of the recommended MPH techniques, but indicates that several tasks generate high muscular demands and should be avoided if possible.

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