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Maintaining reduced noise levels in a resource-constrained neonatal intensive care unit by operant conditioning

Auteur     A Ramesh
Auteur     S B Denzil
Auteur     R Linda
Auteur     P K Josephine
Auteur     M Nagapoornima
Auteur     P N Suman Rao
Auteur     A Swarna Rekha
Volume     50
Numéro     3
Pages     279-282
Publication     Indian pediatrics
Date     Mar 2013
Résumé     OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the efficacy of operant conditioning in sustaining reduced noise levels in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). DESIGN: Quasi-experimental study on quality of care. SETTING: Level III NICU of a teaching hospital in south India. PARTICIPANTS: 26 staff employed in the NICU. (7 Doctors, 13 Nursing staff and 6 Nursing assistants). INTERVENTION: Operant conditioning of staff activity for 6 months. This method involves positive and negative reinforcement to condition the staff to modify noise generating activities. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Comparing noise levels in decibel: A weighted [dB (A)] before conditioning with levels at 18 and 24 months after conditioning. Decibel: A weighted accounts for noise that is audible to human ears. RESULTS: Operant conditioning for 6 months sustains the reduced noise levels to within 62 dB in ventilator room 95% CI: 60.4 – 62.2 and isolation room (95% CI: 55.8 – 61.5). In the preterm room, noise can be maintained within 52 dB (95% CI: 50.8 – 52.6). This effect is statistically significant in all the rooms at 18 months (P = 0.001). At 24 months post conditioning there is a significant rebound of noise levels by 8.6, 6.7 and 9.9 dB in the ventilator, isolation and preterm room, respectively (P =0.001). CONCLUSION: Operant conditioning for 6 months was effective in sustaining reduced noise levels. At 18 months post conditioning, the noise levels were maintained within 62 dB (A), 60 dB (A) and 52 dB (A) in the ventilator, isolation and pre-term room, respectively. Conditioning needs to be repeated at 12 months in the ventilator room and at 18 months in the other rooms.

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