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Exposure of health workers in primary health care to glutaraldehyde

Auteur M Angel Jara
Auteur Alfonso Mora Hidalgo
Auteur J Carlos Gulin
Auteur Marcos Lopez Albiach
Auteur Laura Muñoz Ortiz
Auteur Pere Torán Monserrat
Auteur Xavier Esteva Ollé
Volume 8
Numéro 1
Pages 31
Publication Journal of occupational medicine and toxicology (London, England)
Date Nov 1, 2013
Résumé BACKGROUND: In order to avoid proliferation of microorganisms, cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation in health centres is of utmost importance hence reducing exposure of workers to biological agents and of clients that attend these health centres to potential infections. One of the most commonly-used chemical is glutaraldehyde. The effects of its exposure are well known in the hospital setting; however there is very little information available with regards to the primary health care domain. OBJECTIVE: To determine and measure the exposure of health workers in Primary Health Care Centres. Environmental to glutaraldehyde and staff concentration will be measured and compared with regulated Occupational Exposure Limits.Methods/design: Observational, cross-sectional and multi-centre study. The study population will be composed of any health professionals in contact with the chemical substance that work in the Primary Health Care Centres in the areas of Barcelones Nord, Maresme, and Barcelona city belonging to the Catalan Institute of Health.Data will be collected from 1) Glutaraldhyde consumption from the previous 4 years in the health centres under study. 2) Semi-structured interviews and key informants to gather information related to glutaraldehyde exposure. 3) Sampling of the substance in the processes considered to be high exposure. DISCUSSION: Although glutaraldehyde is extensively used in health centres, scientific literature only deals with certain occupational hazards in the hospital setting.This study attempts to take an in-depth look into the risk factors and environmental conditions that exist in the primary care workplace with exposure to glutaraldehyde.

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