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B95: A new respirator for health care personnel

Auteur Megan E Gosch
Auteur Ronald E Shaffer
Auteur Aaron E Eagan
Auteur Raymond J Roberge
Auteur Victoria J Davey
Auteur Lewis J, Jr Radonovich
Volume 41
Numéro 12
Pages 1224-1230
Publication American journal of infection control
ISSN 1527-3296
Date Dec 2013
Extra PMID: 23726655
Abrév. de revue Am J Infect Control
DOI 10.1016/j.ajic.2013.03.293
Catalogue de bibl. NCBI PubMed
Langue eng
Résumé BACKGROUND: Respiratory protection relies heavily on user compliance to be effective, but compliance among health care personnel is less than ideal. METHODS: In 2008, the Department of Veterans Affairs formed the Project Better Respiratory Equipment using Advanced Technologies for Healthcare Employees (BREATHE) Working Group, composed of a variety of federal stakeholders, to discuss strategies for improving respirator compliance, including the need for more comfortable respirators. RESULTS: The Working Group developed 28 desirable performance characteristics that can be grouped into 4 key themes: (1) respirators should perform their intended function safely and effectively; (2) respirators should support, not interfere, with occupational activities; (3) respirators should be comfortable and tolerable for the duration of wear; and (4) respiratory protective programs should comply with federal/state standards and guidelines and local policies. As a necessary next step, the Working Group identified the need for a new class of respirators, to be called « B95, » which would better address the unique needs of health care personnel. CONCLUSION: This article summarizes the outputs of the Project BREATHE Working Group and provides a national strategy to develop clinically validated respirator test methods, to promulgate B95 respirator standards, and to invent novel design features, which together will lead to commercialized B95 respirators.

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