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Abdominal computed tomography, colonography, and radiation exposure; what the surgeon needs to know

Auteur M J Steward
Auteur S A Taylor
Auteur S Halligan
Publication Colorectal disease: the official journal of the Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland
Date Oct 10, 2013
Résumé AIM: Abdominal computed tomography (CT) improves accuracy of clinical diagnosis and facilitates patient management. Radiation exposure must be considered by requesting clinicians and are especially relevant owing to the increasing use of CT colonography for diagnosis and screening of colorectal disorders. This review describes the radiation dose of abdominopelvic CT and colonography and attempts to quantify the risk for,the clinician. METHOD: Articles were searched in PubMed and Medline databases, using combinations of the MeSH terms ‘radiation’, ‘abdominal computed tomography’, and ‘colonography’. Electronic English language abstracts were read by two reviewers and the full article was retrieved based if relevant to the the review. RESULTS: Abdominopelvic CT and CT colonography convey significant radiation dose to the patient but also have considerable diagnostic potential. In the right clinical context, the radiation risk should not be overestimated. techniques to reduce the dose should be used. Repeated imaging in certain patients is a concern and should be monitored. CONCLUSION: Radiation risk can be quantified and presented simply in a manner that both patients and doctors can comprehend and evaluate. This approach will diminish misconceptions and allow a rational choice of diagnostic test.

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