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Médecine du travail du personnel hospitalier

The risk of radiation exposure to assisting staff in urological procedures: a literature review

Auteur Tarun Jindal
Volume 33
Numéro 3
Pages 136-139, 147
Publication Urologic nursing
ISSN 1053-816X
Date 2013 May-Jun
Résumé Fluoroscopy is an integral part of urology and is used for various procedures, such as extra-corporeal shock wave lithotripsy, percutaneous nephrolithotomy, uretero-renoscopy, and ureteral stenting. This technique exposes the urologist and assistants to radiation, which is known to have deleterious effects. Although there have been studies that determine the amount of exposure and the risks to the operating urologist, the risk to the assisting staff remains largely undetermined. A literature review was conducted to determine the risk of radiation exposure during urological procedures, with emphasis on data concerning assisting staff. Data from nine major studies is presented in this article.

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