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Cytogenetic analysis in lymphocytes from radiation workers exposed to low level of ionizing radiation in radiotherapy, CT-scan and angiocardiography units

Auteur     Alihossein Saberi
Auteur     Elahe Salari
Auteur     Sayyed Mahmood Latifi
Résumé     Ionizing radiation is known as a classical mutagen capable of inducing various kinds of stable and unstable chromosomal aberrations. The percentage of cells with chromosomal aberrations was analyzed in peripheral blood lymphocytes of occupationally exposed workers in radiotherapy, CT-scan, angiography and healthy controls. The incidence of all types of aberrations (gap, acentric fragment, dicentric and ring) in exposed subjects were higher than those observed in healthy controls (P=0.0001). However, the frequency of aberrant cells with dicentric and ring chromosome in exposed subjects were not significantly different from those in controls. To see whether there is a significant difference in the incidence of chromosomal aberrations among three groups, they were compared for all types of observed aberrations. No significant difference was found between radiotherapy and CT-scan groups (P=0.838). The percentage of aberrant cells observed, for angiography groups were significantly higher than radiotherapy (P=0.0001) and CT-scan (P=0.0001) group. Taken together these data suggest that the cumulative effects of low level chronic exposure to ionizing radiation is higher for those who occupationally exposed in angiography.
Publication     Mutation research
Volume     750
Numéro     1-2
Pages     92-95
Date     Jan 20, 2013

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