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Verification of surface contamination of Japanese cyclophosphamide vials and an example of exposure by handling

Auteur     Koji Hama
Auteur     Koichi Fukushima
Auteur     Masaki Hirabatake
Auteur     Tohru Hashida
Auteur     Kazusaburo Kataoka
Résumé     PURPOSE Cyclophosphamide (CP) contamination has been detected in Japanese hospitals. In other countries, the surface contamination of CP vials has been reported; however, the manufacturing process of Japanese CP vials is unknown, so the conditions are not necessarily the same as in other countries. This study aimed to establish whether vial surface contamination also occurs in Japan. METHOD Contamination of vial surfaces was examined with a wipe test. Urine samples were taken from a pharmacist, engaged solely in dispensing work, for 29 h. It was also investigated whether CP vials were dispensed during the urine sampling period. In addition, vial surfaces, purposely coated with CP and then washed, were examined using wipe tests. RESULT CP was detected at 30-60% in vials, which was 11-62 ng (0.10-0.54 ng/cm(2)). One of the urine samples was contaminated (CP 13.5 ng); this was taken on Day 2 (11:35 AM). CP was not detected among the washed vials. DISCUSSION This study shows that the surface of Japanese CP vials was contaminated and that it was probable that healthcare workers were exposed to CP. CP absorption by the pharmacist was probably due to dermal uptake while dispensing. Washing the vial is considered effective to avoid CP exposure. Manufacturers should be more proactive to prevent contamination and healthcare workers should comply with exposure prevention rules. Cytotoxic drugs should be included in institution monitoring lists.
Publication     Journal of oncology pharmacy practice: official publication of the International Society of Oncology Pharmacy Practitioners
Volume     18
Numéro     2
Pages     201-206
Date     Jun 2012

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