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Health care worker influenza immunization rates: The missing pieces of the puzzle

Auteur     Susan Quach
Auteur     Jennifer A Pereira
Auteur     Christine L Heidebrecht
Auteur     Jeffrey C Kwong
Auteur     Maryse Guay
Auteur     Lois Crowe
Auteur     Sherman Quan
Auteur     Julie A Bettinger
Résumé     BACKGROUND: Immunization rates are used to assess the level of protection against influenza, but limited data exist on how such rates are measured in health care organizations. We conducted key informant interviews with campaign planners to learn about processes for collecting immunization data, including barriers and facilitating factors for measuring and reporting rates. METHODS: We conducted telephone interviews with 23 influenza immunization program planners across Canada working in 7 acute care hospitals, 6 continuing care facilities, and 8 public health organizations in 2012. We used content analysis to examine the interview data. RESULTS: The methods used to collect immunization data varied by the size and type of health care organization. Immunization data from different personnel groups were included in immunization rate calculations depending on the local public health reporting requirements and the organization’s size. Challenges associated with collecting immunization data and calculating rates included lack of resources for identifying personnel immunized off-site, tracking personnel who declined immunization, identifying non-payroll staff, and interpreting unclear public health reporting requirements. CONCLUSION: Support from other vaccine providers, public health, employers, and professional and external bodies is needed to provide the necessary information and resources to calculate accurate and complete rates. Further work is needed to refine and standardize the collection of HCW influenza immunization data so that it may be used for surveillance and quality assessment purposes.
Publication     American journal of infection control
Date     Feb 5, 2013

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