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Association of age and physical job demands with musculoskeletal disorders in nurses

Auteur     Barbara Heiden
Auteur     Matthias Weigl
Auteur     Peter Angerer
Auteur     Andreas Müller
Résumé     A cross-sectional study design was applied on 273 nurses to investigate associations of physical job demands, age, and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in nursing. Concurrently, participants reported on various physical job demands with a standardized questionnaire for Hospital Work. As a special contribution, this investigation illustrates findings on MSDs provided by a standardized physical examination to questionnaire data. MSD located in the lower back (8.7%) had the highest frequency, followed by the neck (7.3%), the shoulders (6.9%), and the knees (2.2%). There were significant differences in the frequencies of MSD between the young/middle age-group and the old age-group in most locations, while the only significant difference between the young and the middle age-group was found for shoulder-MSD. Furthermore high levels of physical job demands increased the risk of MSD significantly (OR = 5.7, 1.55-20.96) in all age-groups. The study provides further indication for development of age-adapted preventive measures.
Publication     Applied ergonomics
Date     Feb 7, 2013

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