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Measles among Healthcare Workers in a Teaching Hospitalin Central Italy

Auteur     Pamela Barbadoro
Auteur     Anna Marigliano
Auteur     Elena Di Tondo
Auteur     Maria De Paolis
Auteur     Enrica Martini
Auteur     Emilia Prospero
Auteur     Mario D’Errico Marcello
Résumé     Objectives: The aim of this report is to describe a measles cluster involving health-care workers (HWCs) that occurred in a teaching hospital in central Italy during winter 2011 and the efforts made to promptly identify all the susceptible contacts in order to stop, as soon as possible, transmission of the infection within the hospital. Methods: An epidemiological investigation took place. The immunization status of all the exposed individuals was assessed by personal interviews (history of measles or measles vaccine). Serologic screening for personnel not immune to measles was performed. Results:Four cases of measles infection in HCWs were identified; of the 72 HCWs tested for measles immunity, 50reported a past history of measles, while 22 underwent serological screening, which showed that all were IgG positive except for one case, which was excluded from duty as recommended.Strict adherence to use of alcohol-based hand rub and rapid implementation of appropriate isolation precautions are essential but insufficient to prevent measles outbreaks in hospital settings.Vaccination isthe only reliable protection against nosocomial spread of measles. Therefore, assessing the immunization status of HCW and implementing vaccination strategies are needed in order to virtually set to zero the risk of acquiring and spreading measles in health-care settings.
Publication     Journal of occupational health
Date     May 18, 2012

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