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Infection control and postexposure prophylaxis for the pregnant healthcare worker

Auteur     Jose A Bazan
Auteur     Julie E Mangino
Résumé     Pregnant health care workers (HCW) may be exposed to pathogens during routine patient care duties. Although they do not seem to be at higher risk for infection compared with nonpregnant HCW, certain infections can be associated with increased maternal morbidity, mortality, and adverse perinatal outcomes. Primary prevention through vaccination is crucial. Medical providers must know which vaccines are safe during pregnancy and which should be postponed until after delivery. Pregnancy should not be a contraindication for certain postexposure prophylaxis regimens after an occupational exposure. Pregnant HCW need to be educated about specific occupational risks and the recommended infection control precautions.
Publication     Clinical obstetrics and gynecology
Volume     55
Numéro     2
Pages     571-588
Date     Jun 2012

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