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A public health initiative to increase annual influenza immunization among hospital health care personnel: The San Diego Hospital Influenza Immunization Partnership

Auteur     Mark H Sawyer
Auteur     K Michael Peddecord
Auteur     Wendy Wang
Auteur     Michelle Deguire
Auteur     Michelle Miskewitch-Dzulynsky
Auteur     David D Vuong
Résumé     BACKGROUND: A public health department-supported intervention to increase influenza immunization among hospital-based health care practitioners (HCPs) in San Diego County took place between 2005 and 2008. The study included all major hospitals in the county, with a population of approximately 3.5 million. METHODS: Information on hospital activities was collected from before, during and after initiative activities. Vaccination status and demographics were collected directly from HCP using hospital-based and random-dialed telephone surveys. RESULTS: Between 2006 and 2008, hospitals increased promotion activities and reported increases in vaccination rates. Based on the random-dialed surveys, HCP influenza vaccination coverage rates did not increase significantly. Vaccination rates were significantly higher in HCPs who reported that employers provided free vaccination and those who believed that their employers mandated influenza vaccination. CONCLUSIONS: This local public health initiative and concurrent state legislation were effective in increasing employer efforts to promote influenza vaccination; however, population-based surveys of HCPs did not show significant increases in influenza vaccination. Overall, this study suggests that public health leadership, intensive employer promotion activities, and state-required declinations alone were not sufficient to significantly increase HCP influenza vaccination. Policymakers and employers should consider mandates to achieve optimal influenza vaccination among HCPs.
Publication     American journal of infection control
Date     Jan 20, 2012

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