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Médecine du travail du personnel hospitalier

Assessment of fitness for work in health care workers: biomechanical risk factors

Auteur     E S Violante
Auteur     S Mattioli
Auteur     Angela Camagni
Auteur     Elena Bottoli
Auteur     A Farioli
Auteur     Roberta Bonfiglioli
Résumé     In current practice the assessment of fitness for work in health care workers exposed to biomechanical risk factors is often based on conventional approaches rather than on evidence-based guidelines. However, an accurate evaluation of worker’s psychophysical resources compared to job demand and potential occupational risk factors is essential in order to properly assess fitness for work. The latest published guidelines on the management of patients suffering from back pain reported that the evidence-based approach can minimize the period of inactivity by encouraging return to work (and to other non-dangerous physical activities) in a relatively short period of time. As for carpal tunnel syndrome, there is no scientific evidence supporting a restriction of physical activities requiring forceful movements of the hand/wrist.
Publication     La Medicina del lavoro
Volume     103
Numéro     3
Pages     198-202
Date     2012 May-Jun

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