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Screening Health Care Workers With Interferon-γ Release Assay Versus Tuberculin Skin Test

Auteur     Peter Wrighton-Smith
Auteur     Laurie Sneed
Auteur     Frances Humphrey
Auteur     Xuguang Tao
Auteur     Edward Bernacki
Résumé   OBJECTIVE: To determine the price point at which an interferon-γ release assay (IGRA) is less costly than a tuberculin skin test (TST) for health care employee tuberculosis screening.
METHODS: A multidecision tree-based cost model incorporating inputs gathered from time-motion studies and parallel testing by IGRA and TST was conducted in a subset of our employees.
RESULTS: Administering a TST testing program costs $73.20 per person screened, $90.80 per new hire, and $63.42 per annual screen. Use of an IGRA for employee health testing is cost saving at an IGRA test cost of $54.83 or less per test and resulted in higher completion rates because of the elimination of the need for a second visit to interpret the TST.
CONCLUSIONS: Using an IGRA for employee health screening can be an institutional cost saving and results in higher compliance rates.
Publication     Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Volume     54
Numéro     7
Pages     806-815
Date     07/2012

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