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Médecine du travail du personnel hospitalier

Vaccination coverage of health care personnel working in health care facilities in France: Results of a national survey, 2009

Auteur     Jean-Paul Guthmann
Auteur     Laure Fonteneau
Auteur     Céline Ciotti
Auteur     Elisabeth Bouvet
Auteur     Gérard Pellissier
Auteur     Daniel Lévy-Bruhl
Auteur     Dominique Abiteboul
Résumé     We conducted a national cross-sectional survey to investigate vaccination coverage (VC) in health care personnel (HCP) working in clinics and hospitals in France. We used a two-stage stratified random sampling design to select 1127 persons from 35 health care settings. Data were collected by face-to-face interviews and completed using information gathered from the occupational health doctor. A total of 183 physicians, 110 nurses, 58 nurse-assistants and 101 midwives were included. VC for compulsory vaccinations was 91.7% for hepatitis B, 95.5% for the booster dose of diphtheria–tetanus–polio (DTP), 94.9% for BCG. For non-compulsory vaccinations, coverage was 11.4% for the 10 year booster of the DTP pertussis containing vaccine, 49.7% for at least one dose of measles, 29.9% for varicella and 25.6% for influenza. Hepatitis B VC did not differ neither between HCP working in surgery and HCP in other sectors, nor in surgeons and anaesthesiologists compared to physicians working in medicine. Young HCP were better vaccinated for pertussis and measles (p < 0.01), and those working in an obstetric or a paediatric ward were better vaccinated for influenza and pertussis (p < 0.01). HCP are overall well covered by compulsory vaccinations, whereas VC for non-compulsory vaccinations is very insufficient. The vaccination policy regarding these latter vaccinations should be reinforced in France.
Publication     Vaccine
Volume     30
Numéro     31
Pages     4648-4654
Date     juin 29, 2012

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