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Occupational radiation exposure and pregnancy in orthopaedics

Auteur     C E Uzoigwe
Auteur     R G Middleton
Résumé     Radiological imaging is necessary in a wide variety of trauma and elective orthopaedic operations. The evolving orthopaedic workforce includes an increasing number of pregnant workers. Current legislation in the United Kingdom, Europe and United States allows them to choose their degree of participation, if any, with fluoroscopic procedures. For those who wish to engage in radiation-prone procedures, specific regulations apply to limit the radiation dose to the pregnant worker and unborn child. This paper considers those aspects of radiation protection, the potential effects of exposure to radiation in pregnancy and the dose of radiation from common orthopaedic procedures, which are important for safe clinical practice.
Publication     The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. British Volume
Volume     94
Numéro     1
Pages     23-27
Date     Jan 2012

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