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Oseltamivir adherence and tolerability in health care workers treated prophylactically after occupational influenza exposure

Auteur     Lydia M Upjohn
Auteur     Andrew J Stewardson
Auteur     Caroline Marshall
Résumé     This survey of health care workers who were prescribed oseltamivir prophylaxis after occupational exposure to 2009 pandemic influenza A (H1N1) documents their adherence, adverse effects, development of influenza-like illness, and knowledge and beliefs about the treatment and transmission of influenza. Adverse effects occurred in 15 of 36 participants evaluated (41.6%). The majority of the participants understood that influenza is highly infective and would take oseltamivir again, although 40.5% (15 of 37) thought they had not been given sufficient information about adverse effects.
Publication     American Journal of Infection Control
Date     Mar 21, 2012

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