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Stress, burnout, and maladaptive coping: strategies for surgeon well-being

Auteur     James G, 4th Bittner
Auteur     Zarrish Khan
Auteur     Maya Babu
Auteur     Osama Hamed
Résumé     Practicing physicians and surgeons, medical and surgical residents, and medical students dedicate their lives to providing optimum patient care, but doing so places them at significant risk for personal and professional stress and, ultimately, burnout. Of great concern is the fact that unrecognized stress and unmanaged burnout are more prevalent among residents than previously believed. Research shows that stress without conflict resolution may lead to burnout, which can contribute to impaired technical performance, medical errors, physical and mental health problems, and even increase the risk of suicide. Therefore, it is crucial that surgeons, and the organizations that train and employ them, recognize the early signs of stress and burnout, adopt adaptive coping strategies, and maintain a culture wherein work-life balance and surgeon well-being are shared goals.
Publication     Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons
Volume     96
Numéro     8
Pages     17-22
Date     Aug 2011

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