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Musculoeskeletal disorder related to the work of doctors who perform medical invasive evaluation

Auteur     D P Maciel
Auteur     R A M Millen
Auteur     C A Xavier
Auteur     L C Morrone
Auteur     J S Silva-Júnior
Résumé     Background: Experts in medical invasive evaluations, like colonoscopy, could be exposed to ergonomic risks during their work. Little attention has been given to these spectrum of occupational health. Its aimed to analyze possible clinical problems related to upper limb of physicians who perform those exams. Methods: Cross-sectional study in a health service in Sao Paulo, Brazil. For evaluation of the workplace of the colonoscopist physician were applied two tools: Couto’s check list and Sue Rodgers Method. The results direct the potential risk to upper limb injuries. Results: The procedure is done and the final report is issued. There are no mandatory pauses during workday. The dominant hand holds the tube insertion with pincer movement during the exam, digital prehension being necessary at times. For this activity the employee has to use some strength. Couto’s check list indicates a significant biomechanical factor. Sue Rodgers’s Method states high ergonomic risk for dominant hand/wrist/fingers. Conclusion: The main risk for the development of health disorders are associated with the use of force and repetitive movements of hands. The adoption of regular breaks to recover most of the structures required is recommended.
Publication     Work (Reading, Mass.)
Volume     41
Numéro     0
Pages     1860-1863
Date     Jan 1, 2012

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