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Is it time to pull the plug on 12-hour shifts?: Part 2. Barriers to change and executive leadership strategies

Auteur     Kathryn Lothschuetz Montgomery
Auteur     Jeanne Geiger-Brown
Résumé     This article is part 2 of the series « Pulling the Plug on 12-Hour Shifts. » In part 1 (March 2010), the authors provided an update on recent evidence that challenges the current scheduling paradigm that supports the lack of safety of long work hours. Part 2 describes the barriers to change and challenges for the nurse executive in moving away from the practice of 12-hour shifts. This is an executive-level analysis of barriers and recommends strategies for change. Translation of evidence into administrative practice requires examination of external environmental factors, internal system consequences, organizational culture, and measures of executive performance.
Publication     The Journal of Nursing Administration
Volume     40
Numéro     4
Pages     147-149
Date     Apr 2010

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