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Evaluation of the effectiveness of a group intervention approach for nurses exposed to violent speech or violence caused by patients: a randomized controlled trial

Auteur Makoto Inoue
Auteur Fumiko Kaneko
Auteur Hitoshi Okamura
Résumé The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of a group intervention approach aimed at improving the mental health of psychiatric nurses exposed to violent speech/violence. Sixty-two nurses having experienced serious episodes of violent speech/violence were enrolled in this study. A group intervention approach was used in the intervention group. For both the intervention and the control groups, evaluations were conducted at three time points. Evaluations were conducted using the Impact of Event Scale-Revised (IES-R) and Profile of Mood States (POMS). The results showed that changes in the flashback, hyper-arousal, avoidance behavior, and total scores on the IES-R and anxiety and depression scores on the POMS differed significantly between the two groups. These results suggest that a group intervention approach can lessen the psychological burden of nurses exposed to violence and reduce their mental stress.
Publication ISRN Nursing
Volume 2011
Pages 325614
Date 2011

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