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Médecine du travail du personnel hospitalier

Vaccination policies for health-care workers in acute health-care facilities in Europe

Auteur Helena C Maltezou
Auteur Sabine Wicker
Auteur Michael Borg
Auteur Ulrich Heininger
Auteur Vinzenzo Puro
Auteur Maria Theodoridou
Auteur Gregory A Poland
Résumé The aim of this study was to evaluate existing policies regarding recommended and mandatory occupational vaccinations for health-care workers (HCWs) in Europe. A standardized questionnaire was sent to experts in Infection Control or Occupational Health in all 27 European Union Member States, as well as Norway, Russia, and Switzerland. All 30 countries have established policies about HCW vaccination against vaccine-preventable diseases. However significant gaps and considerable country-to-country variation were found, in terms of number of recommended vaccines and target subgroups of HCWs and health-care settings. Vaccination against hepatitis B and annual vaccination against seasonal influenza are almost universally recommended for HCWs in Europe (29 countries each, including eight countries where vaccination against hepatitis B is mandatory or required for employment). Policies regarding HCW vaccination also exist against mumps (12 countries), measles or rubella (15 countries), varicella (17 countries), diphtheria-tetanus (14 countries), pertussis (9 countries), poliomyelitis (10 countries), hepatitis A (11 countries), tuberculosis (BCG vaccine) (9 countries), and against meningococcus group C or meningococci groups A, C, W135, Y (tetravalent vaccine) (in 4 countries each). Re-evaluation of occupational vaccine policies for HCWs in Europe on a consensus basis is imperative in order to promote HCW and patient safety.
Publication Vaccine
Date Sep 28, 2011

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