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Mumps exposure of a health care provider working in a neonatal intensive care unit leads to a hospital-wide effort that prevented an outbreak

Auteur Shelley A. Gilroy
Auteur Joseph B. Domachowske
Auteur Lynette Johnson
Auteur David Martin
Auteur Steven Gross
Auteur Michelle Bode
Auteur Kathy Costello
Auteur Ruth Sikora
Auteur Dawn Richey
Auteur Jennifer Watkins
Auteur Ronald Stahl
Résumé Background Control measures were instituted in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) in Syracuse, New York, when a neonatologist became ill with mumps after returning from Africa. Two health care providers (HCPs) who worked with the neonatologist developed parotitis within 13 days of exposure. Outbreak control included furloughing the neonatologist and the 2 HCPs until after 5 days of the onset of parotitis, cohorting and isolating all exposed infants in the NICU, and implementing droplet precautions. All susceptible HCPs were immunized, and all HCPs were required to wear surgical masks when within 3 feet of patients. Results Five HCPs developed parotitis. The neonatologist and 2 of the HCPs were confirmed cases, and 2 other HCPs did not meet the case definition. Twenty-six HCPs who worked in other units of the hospital besides the NICU developed nonspecific signs and symptoms of illness. Of the 2,904 HCPs tested, 287 (10%) had negative antibody results, and 153 (8%) were age 40 years or older. Of the 287 HCPs with negative antibody titers, 200 (70%) received the mumps-measles-rubella vaccine in response to this effort. No cases of mumps were reported in exposed infants, children, or adult patients during the time of exposure. Conclusion Infection control efforts, including vaccinating susceptible HCPs and instituting droplet precautions, might have prevented mumps infection in the NICU patients.
Publication American Journal of Infection Control
Volume 39
Numéro 8
Pages 697-700
Date octobre 201

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